Thursday, 1 January 2015

Knitting Pattern Sales and the New VATMESS Scandal

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers and customers. I hope you have all had a very lovely festive period with your family and friends.

I wish the first post of 2015 was on a more positive subject matter, but I have some apologies to make ...

Thanks to new EU laws that went into play today, purchasing one of my knitting patterns just got that little bit more expensive and time consuming.

I have had a think about what to do about the new laws, and my only real option is to begin to charge for all my patterns. The other option would have been to remove all the patterns from sale, but that wouldn't benefit anyone.

Due to the amount of time it's taken me to create my patterns, write them up and then fiddle about with getting them listed online (especially now that they are online in two places), I am now charging a very small amount for all my patterns.

All old and future patterns will still be available through my Ravelry Store. However, EU customers will now be directed to another website called Love Knitting in order to purchase the patterns. This is because Love Knitting is the only online facility currently able to charge (and deal with) VAT on top of the price of a pattern.

If you would like to read about the new laws, then please read this article written by those in the know on the Ravelry website.

It's a shame that the people who make decisions on such matters feel that it's of economic worth to hit micro-businesses like mine and other friends in the industry. Especially when there are many large corporations getting away with tax evasion (controversial)!

I hope you understand my predicament from reading this. It's very hard to make any pocket money from the crafts, but these new laws just made it even more difficult. I value my time. I spent many hours amending my patterns and sales listings today when I could have been enjoying the bank holiday by playing with my young son.

Despite this situation, I will continue to design patterns.

I am nearing the end of a pattern for DK weight bed socks at the moment, so will be able to post good news about that soon.

I wish you all an excellent New Year with good health, prosperity and laughter :)

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