Thursday, 6 September 2012

Pottery Painting Success

It was a sad day in the house when my other half accidentally broke my favourite mug the other week. It wasn't the nicest mug in the world, but it was mine, and the only mug I enjoy my umpteen mugs of tea from throughout the day.

After scouring the internet for a reasonably priced large mug, the only mugs I had my eye on were any number of the beautiful creations by Emma Bridgewater ... but at those prices I decided that I might have to wait for birthdays and Christmas!

So I called the local craft center to ask for their opening times (as it was a Sunday), and was delighted to discover that they were open until 4pm, which gave me just enough time to go and get something achieved.

What a treat! I arrived and promptly ordered a tall latte and a slice of homemade shortbread, took my place at a seat in the craft room, had a browse through some books for inspiration, chose my pottery bisque blank, my colour palette and away I went.

As it was still the summer holidays, a number of other parties were in the room ... mostly mums and/or dads with their children. On the CD player was a 'Best Of Disney' compilation, which was actually delightful, and I had to refrain from singing along on several occasions.

After several hours of deep concentration, my new mug was painted to my liking and I packed up my things and went back home with the promise that it would be ready for collection in about a week ... A WEEK!!! It sounded like a very long time to have to wait, but my mug needed firing in a kiln, so wait I must.

A couple of days ago I got a call from the craft center to say that it was ready for collection. Yay!

So, TAH-DAH ... Here it is. (And I must say that it turned out way better than expected).

Now I've got the bug, I'm going back with a friend in a weeks time to a womens only craft evening, where we will paint pottery into the night ... and have a little tipple to boot! Hurrah.

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