Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Handspun Stash

Pre-pregnancy, I adored obtaining sheeps wool fresh from shearing and getting it home, skirting and sorting through it for the choice sections, washing it in the bath tub, drying it on the washing line, carding and then spinning it up on my Ashford Traditional wheel to see what I could create.

So here's the (dwindled) remainder of my pre-pregnancy handspun stash ...

First up is one of my favourite sheeps wools ... Gotland fleece. It has a lovely long staple length so is easy to draft, there is a natural lustre to the fiber. It creates a luscious soft yarn in a beautiful variegated grey. This fleece was bought from an inspirational local fiber artist who farms the Gotland sheep herself.

Next is the yarn from fleeces of unknown origin (a gift from farmer friends of mine) ... One a lovely milk chocolate brown colour, and another a natural sheep colour(!)

As I spun these two skeins I had my sights on creating a family, so I went on to make a cuddly toy for my future son or daughter ...

Introducing, Sleepy Sheep ... Awww.

I stopped preparing wool straight from the sheeps back when I became pregnant in June 2010 as there are a number of dangerous bacteria present that can cause harm to the baby. I went on to spin shop bought batts that had been scoured. That's when I discovered all the beautiful colours of dyed wool. Oooh, the endless possibilities ...

I am pleased to be taking part in Danielle @ A Stash Addict's new meme today ... Fiber Appreciation Thursday. I'm so looking forward to taking part in this and ogling at all the beautiful stash-iola you have out there.

Also, linked up to Fiber Arts Friday at the great Wisdom Begins In Wonder blog.


  1. That lamb is beyond cute! And your spinning is lush, thanks for taking part today x

  2. Thanks :) I really like your featured Cherry Beret too x

  3. I love those natural colours, and the sleepy sheep is super cute!